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Welcome to Fluttr

Welcome to Fluttr

Welcome to FluttrWelcome to FluttrWelcome to Fluttr

The new dating app where we listen to what you want  & make it happen

Scroll down for upcoming features.

Upcoming app features

  • Enhanced identity verification - Using advanced facial identification to ensure your match is who they say they are
  • Additional filters - To find your right match whether its by physical criteria or even hobbies like hiking, skiing, or movies
  • Gamification - Challenge your match to a game or personalised quiz 
  • Dashboard - Simpler management of your matches and conversations to help you keep track
  • Machine learning - Ongoing learning of what you like to find and suggest ideal matches
  • Security - Our cyber security team are always searching for new ways to integrate security to keep you safe 

Let us know what else you'd like to see and our team will work on a solution!

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