A creator friendly video sharing platform.

Create anything.

Fluttr is a creator friendly video sharing platform. At Fluttr we are proud of our strong community of creators. Whether its daily vlogs, let's plays or cartoon animation we make it easy for creators of all kinds to find a place in Fluttr.


Our Mission

Create anything.

Creators: We believe that creators are the foundation of our platform. 

Content: We believe that content should be produced without discouragement.

Community: We believe in a supportive community towards creators.

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Our Features


Fluttr Gems

Fluttr Gems are a native currency you can buy and use to help support your favorite creators. You can give as many Gems as you want or as little as you want. The more Gems you give to a certain video or channel your username will be displayed on a leaderboard for everyone to see (feel free to brag of course). 

Community Tab

The Community Tab allows creators to connect even closer with your fans. Create posts, GIF's and polls to update your followers about upcoming events, video information or just to say hi!

Creator Vip

By subscribing to Creator VIP ($10/month) you can receive exclusive content & updates from your favorite creators. Don't forget to get your first month free!